Lending/ Borrowing Help

get help with lending and borrowing

Our Library Usage Policy and Procedures can be found here.

To borrow online/ electronic resources from the library:

  • Log into the library with your student/staff email and password. 
  • Use the library search on the library website (Use advanced search for more filters).
  • Follow the prompts to borrow the resource that you wish to read.

To borrow a physical library resource from the library:

  • Find the resource on the library website through the library search.
  • Contact the library with the information (Title, Author and other identifying information) if possible.
  • The library will inform you of the availability of the resource and hold it for you till you pick it up.
  • If it is not available, you may place a hold on the resource.
  • Pick up the resource.

If the resources are not returned by the due date (not including weekends and public holidays) fees and fines may apply. If the resource is damaged or requires a replacement, then a replacement cost may apply.

Note: The physical resources of the library will only be available from late November 2018. The library website will be updated, and an email announcement will be sent to all users.

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